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The Lucozade Advert

July 20, 2011

I really love that TV advert for Lucozade with the rollerskaters and skateboarders. I cannot stand the drink but when that advert comes on the TV I have to stop whatever I am doing and watch because it is just so captivating. The Lucozade advert epitomises pure and utter energy with the two gorgeous quad skaters, Candace and Danielle, gliding effortlessly on skates displaying not only grace but also strength and beauty. Then there are the skateboarders such as Killian Martin (The Spaniard) who is a superstar in skateboarding land.

The video was filmed at the iconic Venice Beach in LA to a backdrop of palm beaches and a beautiful, blue sky which really displays how fresh and luminous the city is. I am not the only who is entranced by the advert, it has become so popular that the theme song,

Louder by DJ Fresh reached No 1 in the UK.  It is only fitting that Disneyrollergirl was invited to go on set to LA and watch the filming of the advert and she of course had a whale of a time. You can find out about her tales on the set of the Lucozade ad here.

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