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teapigs Matcha Pop-Up Bar

February 1, 2018

teapigs have launched  the teapigs matcha pop-up bar in Harvey Nichols to celebrate the launch of three new matcha lattes. The new flavours are turmeric; which comes in the form of a healthy matcha drink, chai which is warming, spice-filled and cocoa which is a smooth and creamy  drink. 

The bar will be serving these three drinks as well as two other mouthwatering matcha lattes in the flavours of pure and mint with a choice of different milks. You will also be able to buy a range of matcha products, gifts and accessories.

As well as the new range, teapigs are trying to bring awareness about the many benefits of matcha. It contains 10 times the nutritional value of regular green tea (and we all know how good that is for you) but with only half the caffeine of a cup of coffee. It also gives you a calm, focussed energy release (rather than that spike you get before the dreaded caffeine crash), to boost your metabolism and increases your concentration.

As an avid tea drinker I could not wait to check the matcha bar our out, so I popped into Harvey Nichols yesterday to see what all the fuss was about. I was pretty impressed, the bar was indeed all matcha’d out. As they promised, there was plenty of tea to buy and some to take away as well as some nice props.

I was talked through the ins and outs of the bar by the friendly teapigs rep who also gave me a complimentary cup of tea. I went for turmeric as I am well aware of its many benefits. Now I use turmeric when I am cooking stews and it does have a bitter taste so I was expecting the tea to have the same but to my delight it was nowhere near bitter. The tea certainly had a kick to it but it was delicious and left me craving for another cup.

If you are a teapigs fan or like your tea with a touch of spice then you should get to the matcha pop-up bar. Hurry though, because it is only open till this Sunday.

teapigs Matcha Pop-Up Bar is located on 5th Floor, Foodhall in Harvey Nichols.

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