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Alpro Plant Based Alternative to Yogurt

January 8, 2018

I talked about my love of Alpro’s Milk recently and I have to admit that I am also a fan of Alpro plant based alternative to yogurt. Like the milk it is 100% plant-based and rich in plant protein and naturally low in saturated fat, low in sugar. It is also naturally lactose free  and gluten free and contains calcium, and vitamins B12 and D. Alpro Yogurt is…


I Heart Alpro

December 31, 2017

Since I have become a smoothie-holic I have become best mates with the guys at Alpro. I can no longer stomach diary milk so plant based milk it is. I tend to vary between soya, coconut, almond and hazelnut milk. All of them taste good in my smoothie and I use the coconut, soya and almond in my tea. I also chuck in some Alpro milk when I…