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Samsung Galaxy S III

December 13, 2012

So after a lot of umming and urring, tooing and froing I have finally snapped my the Samsung Galaxy S III. I was torn between the Samsung Galaxy S III or S3 as it is known and the Samsung Note II but the S3 won due to practicalities and good old fashioned economics. I was planning to use the Note as a mini tablet and maintain my Blackberry Bold but that was not possible due to the fact that you cannot have the same mobile number operating on two phones and it makes no sense to have two separate sim cards.

With S3 I can use it as a phone and a micro tablet so the decision was made. I picked up the phone on Saturday and I  chose the pebble blue as blue is my signature colour. I have heard how great the S3 is but I was not prepared for how fabulous it turned out to be. The concept of the S3 is that it is inspired by nature, it is designed to see, listen, respond, and enables you to share the greatest moments of your life. Well I can confirm that it lives up to its words.

First of all the camera function is amazing and rivals any DLSR and makes every image you take look clear and crisp. The camera syncs with Google so you have all your data ie contacts, calender and emails on tap. Also the web browser is excellent and loads quickly – the phone is even powerful enough for you to watch videos on it. The best thing about having an Android phone is the amass of wonderful apps that are at your disposable.

With Blackberry you are more or less an outcast and do not have access to decent apps, so to be able to experience the wonders of Instagram and Kindle is awesome. Even the apps that I was using on my Blackberry such as Whatsaps, LinkedIn and Facebook are enhanced on the S3. What I love about the S3 is Google Maps, on the Blackberry it was total pants but on the S3 it works like a dream. I tested it on Monday when I headed off to the Benefit Xmas do and it got me there safe and sound.

Ok the touch screen takes a while to get used to, the prescriptive text can be annoying and I will admit that the phone is a bit on the large side in comparison to the Blackberry but all I need is a great case and I will be home and dry. The only downsides that I can think of is that you have to charge it quite a few times during the day. I charge it at night and then once again during the day. Luckily it has a facility where you can see how much battery life you have left and you get a signal when the phone is fully charged.

The S3 comes with 16GB so I don’t need to worry about running out of space with all my images bur considering that it has Picassa on it which holds all my old images then that is a good thing. I can confirm that the S3 is a joy to use. Together with the Griffin Stylus Pen that I was gifted by the kind ladies from Talk PR I am ready to take on the world.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is available on all major mobile network providers.

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    December 15, 2012 at 10:49 PM

    Oh dear, I think that leaves me as the sole Blackberry-touting blogger in existence. Re having to constantly charge it up, forgive me if I’m stating he obvious but are you closing the apps that you’re not using? i find that having Foursquare, Evernote etc on in he background when i’m not using them is what tends to drain my BB battery so may be the same for your Samsung? Just a thought…

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