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New iPhone and iPad Brings Apple to the Masses

November 8, 2013

One of my gripes about Apple is the high level entry price of their products. I will admit that you do get an exquisite item in return that is high quality but it does cost an arm and a leg to purchase a laptop, tablet or phone. The average price of an iPad is £400 and almost 30% more than the likes of Acer Iconia, Samsung Tab and Google Nexus. It looks like Apple have been listening to my complaints because a few weeks ago they launched the iPad Air and iPad Air Mini at a slightly lower price range. This sparkling new tablet is 20% thinner overall and at just 1 pound in weight it is much lighter than the old iPad. In addition to this this they have released an iPhone aimed at a younger market. The iPhone 5c is made is a mouth watering selection of candy colours that would be idea for the 18-25 year olds. The function is on par with the older phones but is a much more fun model that can be accessorised to suit the personality of the owner.

There is no doubt that these new batch of iPads and iPhones are a roaring success with millions flying off the shelves the weekend they launched. However the speedy sales led to Apple being unable to deal with demand so a new 3rd party website stepped in to allow potential customers to check stock availability at retailers. The site was a real hit with both potential Apple customers and the press, and was even covered in publications such as CNET, Gizmodo, LA Times, Time, CNN, Forbes and Huffington Post to name just a few. However despite this initiative Apple has sent a cease and desist to the site owner which has led to the closure of the site. I checked out the iPad Air when I was in Carphone Warehouse yesterday and I was impressed by how slick it looked; it really is a premium product and one that you can easily fall in love with. The iPhone 5c is the perfect phone for the fun loving fashionista.

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