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Linx 8 Windows Tablet

January 28, 2015

The Linx 8 Windows Tablet is a part of new breed of very low-cost devices. This tablet is under £100, the Linx 10” under £160 and the Linx 7” is under £80. Setting up a Windows tablet is a cinch especially if you already have a Windows account. You can also choose to have the same settings as any of your Windows devices. What a beauty. Also while the tablet is doing its thing there are lots of pretty images in the background to keep you entertained.

This device is a great size to carry around. 8 inches is a perfect fit for your clutch, handbag or even to hold as it fits into the palm of your hands perfectly. Design wise, I particularly like the matted back that gives it a very stylish look which makes it appear a lot more expensive than it actually is. You can operate the tablet by using the three tiny buttons on the side.

The display is acceptable, obviously not glittering bright like you would get from an iPad, Surface or Samsung but turned up to the top it is doable. Videos on YouTube runs at a good pace with very little glitches. I did try the YouTuber app which works very well on my Surface 2 but it did not work on this device at all. The sound is pretty impressive and I was really surprised by the clarity and volume.

To me the Linx is a play tablet and one that you will use to surf the internet, read ebooks, watch videos or TV, listen to music and send emails. The downsides of this tablet which is the same with Windows tablets is the lack of apps available. They are nowhere near as extensive as they are for Apple or Android and face it apps is what drives a tablet. This is very frustrating because you get a much better selection of apps for the Windows phones and the Surface Pro. On the plus side typing on the Linx is great, no matter what they do, Windows do produce a great keyboard.

The specs are 1280×800 IPS display, Quad-Core Intel Atom procesor, 1Gb RAM, 32Gb internal storage, 2MP front and rear cameras, Windows OS and an Office 365 Personal subscription thrown in. With the Office 365 subscription you get unlimited space on OneDrive to store all of your stuff safely in the cloud.


You can purchase the Linx 8 from Tesco, Argos, Sainsbury’s, and eBuyer.

For more information please visit the Linx website.

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