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Kate Moss Teams Up With Carphone Warehouse

July 1, 2013

Kate Moss is the face of yet another campaign except this time it is for a tech brand. Yup, Britain’s most famous supermodel has been snapped up by Carphone Warehouse to create a full range of fashion accessories for smartphones and tablets. Rather like her gig for Topshop, Kate Moss has used her iconic brand and much acclaimed style to put together a collection of stylish and sexy accessories. This is part of a campaign by Carphone Warehouse to launch a new category called fashion tech aimed at the fashion-conscious smartphone user. Well this should be interesting. Kate Moss may not be everyone’s cup of tea and she has put her name behind quite a few brands but I am really excited about this collaboration. Her impeccable style should result in the production of some really gorgeous cases for smartphones and tablets. Lord know that I could do with a really sexy looking one. Also Carphone Warehouse have been lugging a bit when it comes to tech style, so they have a lot to gain from this project. If Kate can do for Carphone Warehouse what she did for Topshop then they will laughing all the way to the bank.

The Kate Moss Accessories Collection will launch this summer and it will be available online at Carphone Warehouse and all stores nationwide.

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