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Hanging Out At Elan Cafe

December 4, 2018

Which decent blogger or Influencer has not heard of Elan Cafe? The venue is one of those eatries that has come famous on Instagram and is now a hot spot for many a press launch or VIP event. Elan Cafe was founded by Alexandra Miller as a space to embody her passion for wellness, healthy eating and living. Her background in fashion is demonstrated through the stylish pink interior. There are Elan Cafes in Mayfair, Knightsbridge and the latest edition opened off Oxford Street in the summer.

I had a small taste of Elan Cafe life when I attended the Elle Weekender last Sunday – they had a pop up there – and I fell in love with the pure girlyness of it all. This evening after a press event I decided to head there with Elsie from Life & Soul Lifestyle.

We were enchanted by the gorgeous peonies outside decorated into a large circle which was perfect for selfies and also a prop for the ever so cute bike. There was an outside seating area which also held lots of florals and each seat was draped with a wrap. Inside the cafe was pure beauty – as well as flowers on the wall there were sassy slogans and then there were the cakes which were a real treat for your eyes.

We were given a seat inside and I ordered Buttermilk Chicken Goujons, Sweet Potato Fries and an Alternative Latte. The chicken dish was very lovely as were the fries but the latte was very disappointing. You know those cute lattes that you see on Instagram? Well this was not one of them, it had some sort of cereal on top which was gross and the taste was rather strange. I did not enjoy it at all!

We arrived at Elan Cafe around 6pm and it was not busy, in fact it was 2/3 full but service was very slow, not only did we have to call the waiter over several times to take our order but we spent at least 20 minutes waiting for someone to take our payment. Unheard of in these economic times and we actually felt like just getting up and walking out without paying.

Overall I think Elan Cafe is a wonderful place to come and shoot content if you are a blogger or Influencer (which a lot of people seemed to be doing) but the food is pretty good but not brilliant and at £6.00 for a latte, the place is not cheap. Don’t get me wrong, the staff were lovely but judging by the frequent waiting time they were short staffed. The toilets as pretty as they were was a hot mess, with toilet roll over the floor. To me the place reeks of all style and no substance. I won’t be going back.

For more information about Elan Cafe, please visit their website.

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