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Echo Falls Fruit Fusion

December 23, 2014

I am partial to a glass of white wine (Ok maybe a couple) and Echo Falls Fruit Fusion White Wine with Peach and Melba caught my eye a while back when I was in my local shop. The Fruit Fusion wines consists of raspberry, cassis and peach and mango flavouring. Whether you are a white wine lover, red wine enthusiast or a Rose fan, there is something here for you.

Fruit Fusion White Wine has been the bottle that I have been drinking over the last few months and it is light, refreshing and sweet – just how I like my drinks. While a lot of alcoholic drinks can be quite dry and bitter, Fruit Fusion draws on the texture of a summer cocktail and really quenches your first.

The only downside is that the alcoholic content of these drinks are quite high – 9.5% for the white wine and 11% for the red wine so it is deceptive because you really do not realise how much alcohol you are consuming. Recently they added two more drinks to the mix; Winter Fruits and Strawberry, Rhubarb and Vanilla. Winter Spice can be served warm and will be perfect for a hot wintery day.

Echo Falls is a Californian brand who have been in the wine business since 1992. In fact they have a very extensive range of great wines from White Zinfandel to Merlot. They created this collection in order to reach women aged between 18 to 34. I think they are really onto something. Fruit Fusion is a perfect entry to alcohol for the less experienced and at the same time a lovely drink for a young lady to have while she is out on the town with her gal pals or on a date.

Echo Falls Fusion Fruit is all about having fun with your friends and celebrating life. You can pick up the range at Asda however I did see them in my local Tesco so keep your eyes peeled.

For more information please visit their Facebook Page.

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