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March 15, 2018

Do you ever wonder what really goes on behind the scenes of a reality show? Well UnREAL gives you a true perspective that is indeed totally unreal. It is a US drama that made itself debut in 2015 and is now in its 3rd season. Rachel played by Siri Appleby is a producer on the popular reality show called Everlasting, which is a version of The Bachelor. It…


Famous in Love

March 5, 2018

Famous in Love follows Paige Townsen, an ordinary college student who lands a lead role on a Hollywood blockbuster and practically overnight becomes a huge star. She now needs to balance her regular student life with her two best friends along with the crazy star-studded one. The show demonstrates what goes on behind glamour and glitz of a Hollywood film, the deals that need to be made, the compromises as…


The Bold Type

February 26, 2018

Do you remember back in the day when Carrie Bradshaw was living the life that we could only dream of? Well fast forward to the present and Jane Sloan, Kat Edison and Sutton Brady are living the dream life in the glossy drama, The Bold Type. Set in New York (where else?) the three BFFs work on an uber glossy women’s magazine called Scarlet. Despite being clued to the…