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Travelling Around Canada Using megabus

February 12, 2018

A few years ago I managed to live out one of my dreams to travel around Canada. The cities I visited were Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec and Toronto and I travelled using megabus. Canada is a huge country with a lot of land between their large and vibrant cities and I do not drive so I only had three options to get around; plane, train or bus. I chose bus…


Staying in Hostels While Backpacking Round the World

February 2, 2018

While I was bumming around Europe on Interrail I stayed in loads of different hostels – or Youth Hostels as they were known then. There are over 35,000 hostels around the world. It is basically a hotel with budget prices where you can rent a bed in dormitory with a shared bathroom or your own room with ensuite bathroom. The shared rooms can be mixed or single-sex. Some of the…


My Adventures With Interrail

January 23, 2018

One of the best things I ever did was take part in Interrail after graduating from University. This involved travelling around Europe by train. Now this was quite some time ago (cough 21 years) and way before Britain was part of the EU and the Euro came in. There was no Chip and Pin, contactless going on then, we even had to buy Travellers Cheques and cash them…


Virgin Atlantic – London to Lagos

January 9, 2018

Virgin Atlantic has always been my airline of choice ever since I first flew with them in the 80s. Back then they were ever so ahead of their rivals; with the inflight entertainment, lovely food, little comforts in the form of socks, eye masks etc and very friendly and happy to please cabin crew. I have flown with them many times since and always had a good experience.…


The Hoxton, Holborn

January 3, 2018

As I am based in Kent I only go down to London once or twice a week and when I do I cram everything in. From press days, to meetings with brands and PRs to catch ups with friends. When you have a full day there can be some dead time when you have hours to kill or just need to flop with a cup of tea for…


The London EDITION

December 31, 2017

Last summer I had the pleasure of staying overnight at The London EDITION thanks to those lovely people at Capsule Communications. The boutique hotel is just off Oxford Street and offers a really luxury hotel experience. The service is topnotch, from the time you arrive to when you check out. Nothing is a hassle for the staff and you are treated like first class. The only downside is the…