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The Travel Apps That I Cannot Live Without

February 15, 2018
Travel apps

Since getting my iPhone last year I have discovered a whole world of apps that I depend on. I have the usual such as Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram but also there are travel apps that I cannot live without. Trainline My bible! I travel down to London regularly so use this all the time to check the times. It’s also useful to plan travel trips all over the…


The Wonders of Geek Squad

February 9, 2018

If you are after technical help with your phone, tablet of laptop then I will highly recommend Geek Squad. They are based in Carphone Warehouse (who they are in partnership with) and offer free and impartial advice and support to everyone regardless of whether you have bought anything from them or not. Geek Squad was set up in 1994 to offer various computer-related services and accessories for residential…


My Blogging Tech Kit

February 5, 2018

Being a blogger requires quite a few tools if you are to create the high quality content that you need. I have written a post about my blogging tech kit. Macbook Pro I bought this over a year ago – Apple laptops are my go to products. I have only had a PC laptop once and it was horrific so Apple is here to stay. I was going…


Skullcandy XTFree BT Sport Earbud

January 25, 2018

I have always wondered what wireless headphones were like, especially when I am trudging down to the high street or to the train station. Fiddling about with cables to plug into my phone is just not the one especially when you want to charge your iPhone. So I was happy when I was gifted Skullcandy XTFree BT Sport Earbud by their PR team. These headphones are bluetooth wireless with…


My Love For Feedly

January 22, 2018

When Google Reader was dropped a few years ago I did go into a bit of  a panic. How would I keep up with all those great blogs and websites that I read? I tried many news apps but neither of them worked for me, that is because back then I was using a Windows phone and decent apps were scarce. The someone told me about Feedly and…



January 16, 2018

Previously known as Get Taxi, Gett was one of the first global ride sharing apps, before Uber became the name on everyone’s lips. Now that Uber have sadly upped and left us in London, we need to look for other options. I have used Gett on many occasions; around five times when it was Get Taxi and three as Gett. I was gifted a £50 credit by the brand…