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Butterkist Sweet Cinema Style

January 18, 2018

It is National Popcorn Day tomorrow so I will be celebrating by munching loads of popcorn. I am a real popcorn addict and have been since I was young; sugar, salt or the two combined together – I love them all. I got hooked onto Butterkist popcorn a good few years back and used to buy them in bucketloads. My favourite is Butterkist Sweet Cinema Style which is my go to snack after dinner.

It is very similar to the popcorn that you buy in the cinema (hence the name) and I love it because it is crunchy but not overly sweet. Also I can over indulge knowing that it is source of fibre and feel assured that I am not just chucking loads of sugar down my throat.

The other flavours I like are Simply Salted and Sweet & Salted. The salted version has just the right amount of salt so you don’t feel like you are ODing in salt and the Sweet & Salted gives you the best of both worlds. To be honest, I have been mixing salt and sugar popcorn for a good few years now so it is nice to see that the brands have cottoned onto this.

Butterkist popcorn are made are made from wholegrains and are gluten free. They contain no colours or flavours as well as well no GM. My only gripe is that there seems to be less popcorn in the packet compared to a few years back when I first started buying.

Butterkist Sweet Cinema Style is available to buy from most supermarkets.

For more information, please visit their website.

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