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May 6, 2013

You know I am all about the beauty; I am obsessed with lotions, potions and hair serums. However we all know that beauty products are not just refined to the stuff you buy over the counter and beauty does indeed comes from within. You are what you eat. This philosophy is cemented in a brand called beauty’in which is a brand new beauty secret from Brazil that boosts health and well being.

The range includes Brazil’s bestselling beautydrink and beautytea, nutritious snacks beautycandy and beautybar which contain vitamins, minerals, organic fruit extracts and digestible collagen. Each product supplements and boosts the body’s essential nutrients to improve health and enhance beauty. You can indulge in the beauty’in range anytime, whether it is at work, at home or at the gym.

All the products are healthy and nutritious, and are the perfect choice for controlling hunger between meals. beauty’in was founded by Brazilian entrepreneur, Cristiana Arcangeli who has used her experience in the worlds of food, nutrition and cosmetics to set up the business. It was launched last year and is sold in Selfridges. A trained dentist, Christina is somewhat of a mini celebrity in her native home where she appears in numerous magazines and on TV.

I had a bit of a taste of the beautytea – Red tea with collagen, apple & honey flavour and it has a very sweet and refreshing taste. Those of you who read this blog will know that I have a ridiculously sweet tooth so that was rather pleasing. The tea also comes in the form of a powder which was a bit of a shock when you are used to dashing tea bags into a mug.

They contain folic acid and zero preservatives, artificial dyes and sodium. It comes in four flavours and can be made hot or cold which will good use for the pending summer. I also tried the beautycandy – Lemon candy with collagen flavour – these are pretty much like wine gums but without the excessive sugar. beautycandy is rich in proteins and vitamin and extremely low in calories and is sugar and fat free.

At £2.50 I feel that Beautycandy is very expensive especially when the packet is quite small. I am not sure that all the nutrients warrant the price. The beautytea is also priced at £2.50 for which you get ten sachets which is the same price as a large packet of Clippers tea, so not a bad trade off. beauty’in is an interesting brand for those who want to try something different.

For more information about beauty’in just go to the website.

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