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Affairs of an Internet Business

September 28, 2012

As soon as I read the synopsis for this book I was gripped, a short story about an internet company ran by a wife and husband duo with some romance, crime and mystery thrown in. I felt like all my Christmases had come at once. Rebecca and Fraser Warley are founders of House of Warley, a successful online retail company. They are basically the Beckhams of the dot com world and can do no wrong. However there are cracks appearing beneath the surface, House of Warley are in desperate need of an injection of cash in order to meet growing demands and Rebecca and Fraser’s marriage has lost some of the spark that it had in the beginning. Help comes in the shape of a mysterious stranger who offers them the funding to take House of Warley to the next level but with that help comes a lot of revelations from the past. I am not really into crime and mystery novels s but this title was simply enthralling; it is fast and pacey and a cross between Martina Cole and Marian Keyes. Leon Bailey Green’s writing style is very engaging, the characters of Rebecca and Fraser are so vivid that you feel yourself rooting for them. Rebecca may be a bit of a cow at times and self absorbed but you can’t help warming to her. For a first time author and book publisher Leon has done an amazing job.

As well as the colourful personalities what really drew me into Affairs of an Internet Business was the ins and outs of an etailer, how it was run, the key personnel that you needed to keep it running and how crucial it is to obtain finance at the right time in order to expand. All these issues are tackled in this book in a sexy and seductive way. The end of the book is a huge shock and it leaves you with a massive cliff-hanger. I cannot wait to read the second part next year to find out what happens next. Affairs of Internet Business may not have the most exciting title but it certainly packs a lot of punch.

Affairs of an Internet Business can be bought from amazon.

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