Timberland at The Apartment

TimberlandLondon Fashion Week was not just about the shows and designers but it was a chance for fashion brands to display their new products. I was invited to pop down to The Apartment to check out the new collection by Timberland. Now this brand had a huge moment back in the 90s when R&B and hip hop stars started wearing their boots which escalated in massive sales. They sort of went off the boil after that but are now making a bit of a comeback. Some interesting facts about Timberland – they were founded in 1978 when Abington Shoe Company became The Timberland Company. Their philosophy is “Doing Well and Doing Good” by delivering world-class products, making a difference in the world community and creating value for shareholders, employees and consumers around the world.

These days Timberland isn’t all about chunky boots and they also make very elegant sandals and dainty ballerina shows for women. They also do clothing too, in fact you can kit out your whole wardrobe with Timberland. We were lucky enough to pick out a pair of boots and get them customised by an artist. I chose the Deering leather boots in a rust colour, these boots are a lot more casual than the original Timberlands that have become iconic. The Deering boots they may look softer but they are certainly durable and very comfortable. They combine the best of the rugged Timberland good looks but with a twist of modern styling.

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