The Stripy Louis

Stripy LouisWhen I bought my house almost seven years ago I kitted it out in mostly IKEA furniture. The Swedish company was perfect for those essential pieces that you needed to store your items as well as small knick knacs. However you need the odd piece that adds character to your home and something that stands out and propels visitors to ask where you got it from. Out There Interiors offer this and more. They sell gorgeous and stylish furniture from lamps, desks, beds and chairs that make a statement. I was gifted the Stripy Louis Armchair (cute name huh) which fits right into place in my home. I have always wanted a massive armchair that I could sink back in and relax watching TV or reading a book or mag. The kind of chair that your dad used to have back in the day which you weren’t allowed to touch. As you can see it is very colourful which is right up my street but has the traditional features of a glossy frame and chunky brass studs. It is a perfect contrast of contemporary and classic. Practically the chair is pretty comfy with its sturdy back and arm rests but not too comfy that it makes you fall asleep in front of the TV. In fact it is a happy medium between a snuggy armchair and a desk; you can either get stuck into work on your laptop or you can chill out with a glass of wine watching TV.

For more information about Out There Interiors check out their website.

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