Organic Beauty Ingredients

Organic Beauty IngrediantOver the years more and more things are being exposed as “bad for us” which means that demand is created in the market for things that are “good for us”. This has been no different for the beauty products market. There has been an increase in demand for more natural and organic products in recent years and there is doubt why. There are some great things produced by Mother Nature which we should be embracing rather than using a concoction of chemicals to help reduce lines or stimulate weight loss. Here are some great ingredients for you to watch out for.

Sesame seed oil has been dubbed the Queen of Oils. This is because it is a light oil which also isn’t greasy and it absorbs easily into the skin. This is not a new discovery as it has been used over thousands of years within Ayurvedic practice so it must have some benefits! It is great for massaging into to skin in circular motions before taking a bath or shower. By doing this you will increase circulation and reduce your stress levels and the oil disperses any toxins that have accumulated during the day. Not only is sesame oil great for the above but it also works wonders on acne. This is because it naturally has antibacterial qualities. On top of this it has the ability to trap toxins in the skin rather than letting them absorb as well as sesamol which is a powerful antioxidant. Sesamol can help with wrinkle reduction. Sesame oil also has a lot of fatty acids as well as Vitamin E which means if you suffer from dry skin, this gift from nature will become your new best friend.

Next time you go and do your food shopping pick up some turmeric. Next time you think your liver has taken a bit of a beating (after a night out!) add some turmeric to your meal and it will detoxify your liver. If your liver is congested with toxins this can often appear in your skin leaving it puffy but a sprinkle of turmeric will soon sort you out. You don’t just have to eat turmeric to reap the benefits, when applied to the skin it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are again beneficial for acne. It is also a great product for dark spots and pigmentation.

Now marshmallow root may not be as well know as the previous ingredients but it is widely used in homeopathic remedies and was used a lot in traditional Greek medicine. When ingested it has great healing properties and is often used to sooth coughs and ease sore throats. When used on the skin it is great for treating burns, sores and irritations as it has anti-inflammatory properties. These properties also help with reducing cell oxidation which can lead to ageing of the skin. Applying marshmallow root to the skin also increase the moisture levels in the skin which makes it softer and smoother.

Last in our list of great ingredients is sandalwood essential oil. This oil has been used for around 4,000 years which shows the love affair we have with it. Although, unfortunately as a result it means that there has been over-harvesting of the trees and now they are near extinction in India which is where it originates from. There are other types of sandalwood from Australia and other countries although the properties of the oil differ slightly. This can also explain the price tag that comes along with sandalwood oils although it is well worth the investment. It is great for reducing the appearance of scars as well as healing dry skin. Just ensure when you go out to purchase some you research the company to make sure they are reputable and not over-harvesting the trees.

If you are going to a beauty salon to request any organic products ensure that you are not allergic beforehand as this may result in your therapist having to claim on their salon insurance.

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