Mother’s Day Presents for the Modern Mum

Excited Shopping Woman isolated on whiteMake a note in your diary: Mother’s Day is fast approaching on 10th March (eek) and the best gift-buyers plan their presents in advance. Don’t even think about nabbing some last minute garage-bought flowers or a box of Dairy Milk; the contemporary mum wants something thoughtful and personalised that fits her interests and character. She’s a music lover? No problem. Thrill seeker? Got that covered. Mum, this day is on us.

The Fashionista
A stylish mum will want to keep up with the latest looks, but without dressing like a 20 year old. Not only is a maxi dress right on trend, it’s a safe option for any age and body shape – and it’ll hide a multitude of sins. A maxi dress can be dressed up or down for a number of occasions and its versatility and light fabric will also see her through both the spring and summer. Pay close attention to the styles, patterns and colours that she likes so you’re not wandering around the high street aimlessly before buying (there’s nothing worse than not knowing what you’re looking for!). If you’re stuck, ask a shop assistant for help and tell them how old your mum is so they can choose something suitable.

The Sporty Mum
Is your mum a football fanatic? Think bigger than the latest kit. She’ll love box seats at a football game or a visit to the stadium of her favourite team. You could even take photos of her while she’s on the tour and then get them framed as a wonderful memory of the day. You never know, if you go with her you might even see one of the players wandering around the changing rooms topless…

The Overworked Mum
Is your mum tired and stressed? Most mums are – whether she’s juggling work, childcare or the housework (or possible all three), it’s likely she needs a good rest and pampering. You, wonderful child, can show her you really care by booking her into a swanky spa for a treatment day. Tailor it to her specific needs – so for example, is she on her feet all day? Buy her a foot massage and a pedicure treatment. If she suffers with problem skin, a facial specifically for sensitive skin will do just the trick. Do some research first and check out some reviews of local spas before booking.

The Adrenaline Junkie
More adventurous mums will love an extreme sports or activity-based gift such as paragliding, quad biking, scuba diving or snowboarding lessons. This type of present is a bit more of a pricey option, but it’ll be such a memorable experience – especially if it’s an activity she hasn’t tried before. It’ll also encourage her to start a new hobby, and it’s the kind of thing that, if she does a few times and builds up her confidence, she can start to do with her friends.

The Shopaholic
Why not take your mum on a city break? There are many shopping hotspots across the UK such as London’s Oxford Street, Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Kent’s Bluewater, Bath’s Artisan Quarter and Brighton’s North Laine. You can treat her to a day out of shopping and lunching with her daughter. If you wanted to go all out, you could even treat the two of you to a night away in a hotel so that you get two days in the city of your choice.

The Music Lover
How about concert tickets to see a pop star or a rock band? If you get tickets for a really grand venue like the O2 or Manchester Arena you’re likely to be a part of a spectacular show. Or on the flipside of the coin, you could encourage your mum to start creating her own music by buying her singing lessons or classes to learn how play a musical instrument. Just don’t complain when for the next few months all you hear is Three Blind Mice on the recorder, over and over and over…

So there you have it – now get shopping!

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