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British VogueLast week I was having a discussion with the lovely Madeka from Afro Boudoir about the future of print magazines. I said they were dead to the water and how the successful ones live off their legacy or rely on their digital assets to stay alive. She disagreed citing the amount of new publications that have sprung up and are doing amazingly well. That gave me something to mull over and then last night I was checking my Google Reader and I came across this post on the wonderful Disney Roller Girl talking about the launch of Miss Vogue and what it means in magazine world. Talk about ironic. I have must have been dead to the world last Friday when Conde Nast made the dreams of millions of British teenagers come true by announcing that they are bringing out a younger version of Vogue.  Miss Vogue is aimed at young women who love experimenting with fashion and beauty and will be very bespoke in terms of content. It will be published as a supplement of its older sister and will also be budget appropriate.

I am actually surprised that Conde Nast have waited this long to launch a younger sister publication considering how popular Teen Vogue is. Although the economic climate is not ideal for launching a magazine I do feel that there is a captive market for Miss Vogue and with an iconic brand such as Vogue to latch onto it cannot go wrong. Also the teen market is huge and as youth is very sexy it is a very important market to tap into.

Needless to say it looks like British teenagers are finally going to be rewarded with their own version of Teen Vogue.

Miss Vogue will be out in May

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  1. Janice February 5, 2013 at 12:26 PM #

    Naomi’s hair was all wrong in that photo

  2. eknor January 28, 2013 at 6:01 PM #

    Still no Vogue Africa though…bizarre!


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