Miss Vogue – A Review

Miss VogueI blogged about this excitedly a few months agoVogue produces a junior version of their well respected publication was huge news. What would it be like? Will it be like Teen Vogue and Company magazine? Will they be able to pull it off? The answer to those questions are – great, yes and yes. I heard the news about Miss Vogue landing on the shelves last week and I went looking for it a bit early to no avail. The lovely, Denise Rawls from Strange Fruit kindly sent me a copy of the mag. I have to admit I am pretty impressed. UK Vogue’s teen version pays homage to the summer season with a pretty in pink cover with current IT girl, Cara Delevingne (who else) on the cover. I was expecting more of a thin supplement but I am pleasantly surprised to see an actual magazine, all of A5 size and around 100 pages. In her editor’s letter, Alexandra Shulman talks about extending the brand and embracing younger readers however there is no mention of further issues. I love the fact that Alexandra has included a picture of her 15 year old self in her editor’s letter. In terms of content, Miss Vogue is a really good read.  I am not a Vogue reader so I cannot make any comparisons to the adult title so I am going to review the magazine by its own merits.

Teen fashion icons such as Alexa Chung, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Elizabeth Olson, Solange Knowles and Pixie Geldof are featured very heavily in the magazine. There are some interesting features such as: Saturday Night Fever where five teenagers from different countries tell us how they prepare for their Saturday night out. Now this is really nice and not only taps into the theory that the globe is a small place but also allows us a nice bit of voyeurism. Well me anyway. Under Pressure is a panel of teenage girls discussing a variety of hard hitting issues such as body image, drugs, studying, sex and the pressure of maintaining the perfect life on Social Media. Now this I found very interesting as it was something that Muireann from Bangs and a Bun talked about a few months ago. Almost Famous is the story about a girl who gets to experience the rock star lifestyle when she starts dating the son of a rock star. Then there is My Space where we get to peep in the bedroom of three teenagers. I think this is a feature that Teen Vogue used to do. More voyeurism and right up my street.

One of the objectives of Miss Vogue is to provide younger readers on how to obtain the style of Vogue but with more affordable brands and Ms Shulman lives up to her promise. The fashion spreads have put models in New Look, Uniqlo, Bershka, Topshop and Miss Selfridge alongside designer labels. Miss Vogue also takes a dab at displaying youth tech culture in a spread called Mish Mash where they kit out the model in Adidas, Esprit, ASOS, Bodem and American Apparel. The outfits are accessorised up with Adidas backpacks, Jeepers Peepers rays and WESC headphones. Good to see Lomographic camera in the fashion shoot who I featured in my tech blog for HELLO!Miss Vogue has some very nice touches for instance the article featuring interns and advising them on how to dress fashionably for the office. The 21 Under 21 Style Idols which lists all the hip and young fashionistas is nice but the article on festival chic is pretty underwhelming. As you can imagine the beauty section is great with a mixture of high end and budget brands featured. Miss Vogue pretty much ticks all the boxes – it taps into that aspirational lifestyle but at the same time offers practical solutions on how to stay on trend. It is the perfect size for a meaty read without you getting bogged down.

Miss Vogue can be purchased with the June issue of UK Vogue.

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