Manicure Mondays: OPI Gel Manicure

OPI Gel ManicureWelcome to Manicure Mondays where I talk about the nail polish I am wearing, from application, to how to feels and how long it lasts.  This week I am kicking off with OPI Gel Manicure.

I am a massive nail fan but the only down side about wearing nail polish is when it chips. You need to take it off right away because there is nothing worse than chip nail polish. So when I heard about gel nail polish I was intrigued. I gotta admit the idea of having a manicure that never got ruined shortly after application is very appealing. So a few weeks ago when I was down my local high street I decided to indulge. How it works is that the gel is applied to the nail and cured under an ultraviolet light which hardens the polish and makes it last up to two weeks. In other words you are given a normal manicure except the varnish is a special gel one and after each coat you place your hand under a mini stand that is actually a UV light. After the process was done the manicurist rubbed my nails with a cloth which made them super shiny. The whole treatment takes 30 minutes and you have immediately dry nails and all for the price of £20.

I decided to have the OPI one in blue (I can’t remember the name of the shade) and the effect was pretty stunning. I could not stop staring at them and not having to worry about general wear and tear was rather nice. However to be honest I got bored of the gel manicure after a week and during the 10th day one nail started to peel and that was when the negatives began to hit home. Getting the gel manicure is pretty straight forward but taking it off is another thing entirely. You either have to go back to the salon and get them to do it for you for a fiver or endure a tedious process yourself. This involves getting hold of pure acetone – not something I keep around so that was annoying. You have to buff your nails to fade out the polish, dip small pieces of cotton wool into the acetone, placing it onto your nail and then using foil to wrap the nail and keep the cotton wool in place. You wait 20 minutes which dissolves the varnish and then you gently scrap it off. The whole process took about 45 minutes and I found it aggravating and not worth the hassle. To be honest I won’t be bothering with a gel manicure again. I like to be able to take my polish off when I wish very easily.

NB: If you do get a gel manicure make sure that a protective sunscreen is put on your hands to prevent any kind of damage to your skin.

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