LOOKBOOK: The Series

I tell you, we bloggers are really taking over the cultural sphere. We’re interviewed in magazines, featured in TV shows, granted front row tickets to fashion shows, offered book deals and now we have a TV series about our beloved craft. LOOKBOOK: The Series is the story of Hannah who moves to Los Angeles in a bid to start a new life and enters the exciting world of fashion blogging. She meets Mark, a street style photographer and gets involved with him on a personal and creative basis. LOOKBOOK follows their relationship with is full of twists and turns. However not everything is not so rosy because Hannah soon meets the wrath of Cleo, who is not only Mark’s ex muse but the uber queen of blogosphere who is not about to lose her crown or photographer to anyone. She and her sidekick, Julius come up with a devious plan to take Hannah down.

The series launched yesterday on LOOKBOOK.nu, which is a popular user generated personal style community that has been going since 2008. It is created by Bernie Su who worked on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and produced by Allison Vanore who brought us Hopelessly in June. Su and Vanore use the concept of a dramatic urban fairytale which is told through the canvas of LOOKBOOK.nu and the L.A. fashion scene. The series consists of nine episodes which are between five to eight minutes long.

I love this! I love the idea of having a mini soap dedicated to fashion bloggers. I think it works because fashion has that fantasy feel to it as well as all the drama that is captivating a la The Devil Wears Prada. The street style aspect really adds the contemporary feel to it and the product placement makes it fun to watch. I will certainly be tuning into the next episode.

You can find more information about LOOKBOOK: The Series on the website.


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