DKNY Mixing Beauty and Fashion

DKNYA diffusion line is a collection that a designer creates specifically for a store. Pieces from the catwalk cost a fortune and not many people can afford it so the designer makes a line that is cheaper and more affordable. This line goes into the shops but sits as a second, third or sometimes ever fourth line of the brand. Successful diffusionistas are Marc by Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu by Prada, D&G, McQby Alexander McQueen and of course Armani whose is the master of this. Previously diffusion conjured images of cheap and badly made garments but now they have earned a certain amount of kudos and are often the designers’ bread and butter. Like a diffusion range, a beauty collection is a no brainer to a fashion designer because it makes the brand much more accessible. Donna Karan has translated her fashion brand into a beauty one with the success of DKNY.

It has been 10 years since DKNY launched those apple shaped fragrances? Be Delicious hit the shops in 2004 at a time when fragrance bottles were a touch meh – they all looked pretty much the same and none of them really caught your eye. Then in came Donna Karan with her small ball of fire or in this case fruity perfume and voila it was pure magic. Be Delicious was everything that other perfumes were not – fun and fruity. The emphasis was on the fragrance being fresh, juicy and sweet with a touch of sophistication.

Since then we have seen seven different collections released for both men and women backed with an exciting campaign. With high profile celebrities such as Lara Stone fronting it, Be Delicious has become an iconic brand. The latest collection is the City Blossom which was released last year. It consists of three fragrances; Rooftop Peony, Urban Violet and Empire Apple and has taken inspiration of the rooftop garden scene which the New York gal about town goes to in order to chill out.

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