Decorating the Exterior of your Rental Property

SP2So now that you have sorted out the inside of your property now is the time to focus on the outside. We all know that first impressions mean everything, although unfortunately this goes by the waste side when it comes to the exterior of rental properties. This is because the landlord doesn’t have time to maintain the gardens at each property and there is no guarantee that the tenants will maintain the right upkeep of a garden. For many it is just simple decking and a lawn in the back garden and a few pot plants, if that, in the front garden. This is all very well from the landlord’s perspective although when it comes to you moving in, you might be after a bit more colour and something more attractive for the front of your home. Whilst we are not suggesting that you dig up the garden and start again, we are pretty sure that the landlord would have something to say about this. We are suggesting that you follow these quick tips to making your home more pleasing on the eye from the outside.

If you are lucky enough to have a front garden then you probably have all you need in terms of attractiveness but if you don’t, consider making up some pots with different types of flowers to add some colour and texture to the front of your home. It is important that you plant the flowers in pots so you can take them with you when you move on to your next property. Whilst you might like to maintain a garden, the tenants after you might not and this could cause a headache for your landlord. A poorly maintained garden can lead to all sorts of problems and may result in them having to claim on their landlord insurance policy which could be costly in the long run.

It might be tempting to grow a rose bush, for example, around the front door or up the wall. Whilst this looks colourful and welcoming in the summer, it can cause damage to the bricks. If you still want to do this, insert a trellis into a plant pot and position it away from the wall so it is free standing. This way you can still have your roses growing upwards and not create any lasting damage to the walls of the property.

If you have a back garden, placing statues and plaques amongst trees create interesting points in the garden. There is of course nothing stopping you having garden furniture so experiment with cushion covers and sun umbrellas to add colour into the garden. Again, potted plants and window boxes are great too in the back garden, especially if you don’t want anything too high maintenance.

If you are a lover of gardening then a quirky thing to do could be to get some old tin cans and plant herbs in them. You might be able to attach them to the fence or balance them on a wall. If you want to attach them to a fence make sure you have your landlord’s permission first. If you want to go even further with the creativity try filling colourful wellington boots with flowers too.

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