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Decorating the Exterior of your Rental Property


So now that you have sorted out the inside of your property now is the time to focus on the outside. We all know that first impressions mean everything, although unfortunately this goes by the waste side when it comes to the exterior of rental properties. This is because the landlord doesn’t have time to […]

An Evening at Malmaison


When entering your room in Malmaison Birmingham you are greeted with an awful lot of goodies; snacks galore such as Propercorn, Convivial Yorkshire Crisps, fancy chocolate bars, bottles of wine and fresh chocolate strawberries. Talk about being spoilt; Malmaison really know how to impress. You know how some hotels put on the basics such as […]

A Life With a View


For those of you who read this blog will know that I love a candle in fact I adore them. Come into my house and you will find candles everywhere; bedroom, lounge, kitchen and bathroom. I am long over my obsession with interiors but I still like to indulge now and again in things for […]

The Stripy Louis


When I bought my house almost seven years ago I kitted it out in mostly IKEA furniture. The Swedish company was perfect for those essential pieces that you needed to store your items as well as small knick knacs. However you need the odd piece that adds character to your home and something that stands […]

TV and Film Apartments


I moved into my house quite a few years and ago and I renovated it and decorated it straight away which was lovely but the problem with doing that is that your home starts to fall apart at the same time. I am now looking for ideas for my next renovation. I have my usual […]

From Bedroom to Boudoir


When I think of the world boudoir, I think of a room that represents elegance and decadence. A bedroom can be much more than just a place you go to lay your head at the end of a busy day. It can be refuge, a place of relaxation and peace, a space of supreme comfort. […]