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QVC Beauty Bash


I will admit that I have never been one for TV shopping but since I got into beauty blogging QVC has come onto my radar. Not only do you have access to amazing beauty bargains but you can shop from the comfort of your sofa. Last month I attended the QVC Beauty Bash, which is […]

Dressing for the Home Office


Working from home has many perks. a few of them are getting up when you like, not having to endure a 90 minute commute to and from work on a packed train, planning your own workload and fitting it round your life and not having to get dressed in formal attire. However the downside of […]

Think Like a Man Too


So what do you do when you release a film that turns out to be a huge hit? Well you make a sequel of course. Duh! That is exactly what has happened with Think Like a Man but instead of waiting 14 years like the makers of Best Man: The Holiday did they are hot […]

I Heart Valentine’s Day


In case you are not aware, it is Valentine’s Day this Friday. A day where everyone gets all coupled up and merry in their blissfulness. The retail industry caught onto the commercial benefits of Valentine’s Day many moons ago and every year brands dream up exciting campaigns and push out products with ever so pretty […]

Beauty by Louise Mensch


It seems like the world is obsessed with beauty. You can’t escape it wherever you go. Beauty is a crucial aspect at Fashion Week with the backstage make up and products placed in goodie bags. Also more high profile personalities like fashion designers aka Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors have all released a […]

Danger! Cosmetics To Go


CosmeticsĀ To Go is technically the story of Lush. The company was set up in 80s by Mark and Mo Constantine who started by making their own cosmetics in their spare bedroom in Poole. They went on to open the Herbal Hair and Beauty Clinic on their local High Street offering treatments to customers, using natural, […]