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Summer Cocktails


There is nothing more fabulous about the summer than spending the evening sipping on a few cocktails with your girls. Last Bank Holiday weekend we decided to make our own cocktails using Waitrose Premium London Dry Gin 1 Litre. There were quite a few options for us in terms of which cocktail to make especially using […]

Ben & Jerry’s


I have always been a fan of very rich ice cream hence Haagen Daz and Ben & Jerry’s.  The latter always stood out to me because of their brightly coloured tubs with the ever so quirky names. Last month I was invited to visit the factory for Ben & Jerry’s in Hellendoom, Holland where they produce ice cream for the […]

Ben & Jerry’s Greek FroYo


I have always been a Haagen Dazs lady myself but Ben & Jerry’s have sometimes been a great substitution for when H&D were out of stock. Well their Cookie Dough has been anyway. A few weeks ago I was invited to the launch of Ben & Jerry’s new Greek Style Frozen Yogurt where we got […]

Nanaimo Bars


So these are quite delish. Nanaimo Bars is a combination between a chocolate bar and a biscuit. If you like to sink your teeth into a deep filled chocolate brownie then you need to take a look at these. Nanaimo Bars are made with three layers of coconut biscuit, custard cream and premium Belgian chocolate with […]



I heard about The Guardian Coffee Shop aka #guardiancoffee a couple of months ago on Twitter and it was one of those things where I was not sure if it was a spoof or just a huge gimmick. It seemed absurd that the highly respected newspaper would open up a coffee shop with no or […]

Brighton Stagette


A few weeks ago I was invited to a Stagette weekend in Brighton by Eclipse Leisure, the company that helps you organise your Stag or Hen event. Brighton is considered the stag capital of the UK which is not really surprising with its many restaurants, shops, bars and nightclubs as well as easy access to […]

The Big Knit


Innocent Drinks have been a favourite of mine ever since they appeared on the scene in 1999 and put the zest into smoothies. Their quirky branding and eye catching marketing campaigns were hard to miss and today Innocent sell over two million smoothies per week. It’s not just all about money with Innocent though, they […]