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be boxBeauty boxes are a dime a dozen and it seems like not a week goes by without a new box being launched. However the market for boxes aimed at women of colour has not really been explored in the UK. There was Rose Box which had a spectacular launch a few years ago but they seen to have died a quiet death. Now be box has made its presence in the land of beauty boxes. be box aims to cater for women of colour by supplying them with make up, skincare and hair care by established worldwide brands to niche, home start ups run by dedicated women of colour. Each box will contain four to five sample size products My first impressions were very good, the contents are contained in a glossy box that is slick as well as sturdy. The design is very minimal but the effect has a lot of impact.

Activilong Avocado & OIive Repairing Oil
If your hair is looking limp and tired then this is the product that you need to grab for. It is formulated to bring key nutrients to the forefront and revitalise that mane. There is a full sized version of this product here.

Ted Baker Butterfly Wings Body Wash
This a body wash that contains red fruits and bergamot. I was surprised to see this in the box as it seemed so random. It is certainly my least favourite product in the box.

Activilong Repair & Style Creme
These are very popular on the afro hair market even though I have never tried them. It contains olives, mango and advacado which gives it a lovely smell and a very rich texture.

Activilong Aloe Vera Conditioning Hair Milk
This is a conditioning hair milk which hydrates and softens natural hair. It contains natural smooth Hibiscus Aloe Vera.

Heal Gel FaceGel
This is my first introduction to this product, it is an anti-aging gel that smoothes and replenishes your face to make it more fresh looking. It contains Omega Oils which helps the cause.

My experience with be box was certainly a pleasant one as there were quite a few surprises. It simply provides with it promises which is a mixture of old brands and new. For an independent brand they have done a very good job.

be box is available for £10.00 + P&P on a monthly subscription. For more information go to their website.

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3 Responses to “be box”

  1. Ondo Lady September 18, 2013 at 8:22 AM #

    £10 is the average price for a beauty box so I have no qualms with that but it did seem odd having a mainstream brand in there. I guess it will take time for be box to build up their partnerships. I think Rose Box has logistical problems which they are working out and there is a new box on the scene aimed at WoC called Glow Box.

  2. Mary September 12, 2013 at 11:56 AM #

    Great post! I agree, it is random seeing a Ted Baker product in there as it doesn’t 100% cater to WOC. They could have put Palmers body cream instead and it would have made better sense. £10 is affordable price for a monthly subscription and I hope the company grow and doesn’t die out like Rose Box.



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