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Book at BeachtimeI have never listened to a book by audio before and I have never tuned into BBC Radio 4 Extra so we have two firsts there. I came across the news about Book at Beachtime on Novelicious last week and thought I would tune in. It is a season of escapist reads for the summer holidays featuring books by Sophie Kinsella, Jennie Rooney and Suzanne Rindell. Apparently it ran last year but I must have been under the radar because I totally missed it. The series kicked off on Monday featuring Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella which you might remember me featuring as one of my Top Three Books for April. I am a huge Sophie Kinsella fan and was really intrigued to see how her novel would translate on radio. I will admit that I was pretty gripped, who would have thought that a book would sound so damm good on the radio? The narrators, Sarah Alexander actress from Smack the Pony and Green Wing and Sophia di Martino from Casualty did an amazing job of bringing the characters alive. I really felt a lot of empathy for both female protagonists and was really rooting for them. The series has also introduced me to Suzanne Rindell and her new book, The Other Typist, which is about a lady totally married to her menial job and going about her humdrum life until a colleague blasts into her life and turns it on its head. This book will be broadcast on weekdays at 2.30pm from 8th to 12th July while Wedding Night is broadcast up until Friday. This is a really great platform to showcase books from all genres and a wonderful way to sit back and relax to your favourite titles or to get an introduction to new authors. With the digital revolution you can listen to the books on the TV, radio, laptop, tablet or via your Smartphone.

Book at Beachtime will be on BBC Radio 4 Extra weekdays at 2.30pm from 1st to 19th July. All episodes will also be available on BBC iPlayer for seven days after broadcast. For all the information check out the website.

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