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Ben & Jerry’s


I have always been a fan of very rich ice cream hence Haagen Daz and Ben & Jerry’s.  The latter always stood out to me because of their brightly coloured tubs with the ever so quirky names. Last month I was invited to visit the factory for Ben & Jerry’s in Hellendoom, Holland where they produce ice cream for the […]

The Microsoft Apartment


I visited The Microsoft Apartment a few weeks ago which is a showcase for Windows and Microsoft to showcase their array of latest tech and gadgets. The location is based in Central London in a very glam apartment that is split on two levels. It is a family home with rooms dedicated to different functions […]

DKNY Mixing Beauty and Fashion


A diffusion line is a collection that a designer creates specifically for a store. Pieces from the catwalk cost a fortune and not many people can afford it so the designer makes a line that is cheaper and more affordable. This line goes into the shops but sits as a second, third or sometimes ever […]

Nokia Lumia 630


At £89.95 the Nokia Lumia 630 is the brand’s cheapest smartphone to date. The device is a lot lighter than the other Lumia’s and the plastic encasing gives it a much more hand friendly feel. The case is available in a range of colours including bright orange, bright yellow, bright green, white and black. This […]

Organic Beauty Ingredients


Over the years more and more things are being exposed as “bad for us” which means that demand is created in the market for things that are “good for us”. This has been no different for the beauty products market. There has been an increase in demand for more natural and organic products in recent […]

Get On Up


With biopics on Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone in the works it is only right that there should be one about James Brown. Chadwick Boseman stars as the Godfather of Soul in Get on Up. Which gives us a fearless look inside the music, moves and moods of James Brown. The movie takes us from […]

Decorating the Exterior of your Rental Property


So now that you have sorted out the inside of your property now is the time to focus on the outside. We all know that first impressions mean everything, although unfortunately this goes by the waste side when it comes to the exterior of rental properties. This is because the landlord doesn’t have time to […]