An eGuide on How to Work With Bloggers

Front PageI started blogging in 2007 as a way of sharing my interests, that was back in the day when blogging was a pastime – something that geeky people did. Now it is a massive industry that influences pop culture and has led to the creation of many a career. These days bloggers can generate enough income to live off with a bit extra to get that pair of Manolos – some even have agents. We have been embraced by the media and naturally PRs and brands have also jumped on board. The relationship between PRs and bloggers can be a very positive thing and when done right it can be amazing and of course very beneficial to both parties but when it is executed badly it can leave a really bad taste in the mouth of both parties. Since PRs and brands started including Blogger Outreach into their marketing strategy a few years ago I have seen many a comment complaining about the way they approach us and I will put my hands up and admit that I am the first one to whinge when a PR or brand ruffles my feathers. So fed up of constantly having a b**ch fest I have decided to put pen to paper and write a guide for PRs and brands on how to work with us.

How to select the right bloggers for your campaign, how to approach us, the different ways you can work with us, it is all here. I have even included a couple of case studies from PR companies who have executed great campaigns with bloggers.

The eGuide is priced at £1 for the first 100 downloads.

Click on this link to purchase the eGuide.

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