About Ondo Lady

Me with Ombre hairWho Am I?

Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamt about becoming a writer and when she grew up she worked as a journalist, PR and marketer.

Then one day she came across the concept of a blog which involved her using all her skills as a writer and marketing person and lo behold Ondo Lady.

Ronke Adeyemi aka Ondo Lady started out on Yahoo 360 where she made lots of good friends who she is still in contact with this day and after two years there she decided to lodge with Blogger where her readership grew and grew till one day she decided it was time to get her own home. Hence the brand spanking new website.

The Blog

Ondo Lady is an award winning blog that covers style and culture in the form of films, magazines, books, TV, fashion and music. My name is Ronke Adeyemi and I am a creative who has a huge passion for fashion, travel, magazines, books and property. What’s the deal with Ondo Lady? Well Ondo is a town in Nigeria where my parents are from. It is located in the south west of Nigeria and holds just over 4 million people and is nicknamed the Sunshine State. Last year I had the honour of being named Blogger of the Year for The Precious Awards.

What Do I Do?

I have been working in marketing for over ten years and recently I have been focusing on online marketing and social media which has involved writing and implementing digital marketing campaigns and using tools such as SEM, CRM, Google Analytics and social media. I am skilled in project management and using the CRM database, segmenting the data, writing email blasts, brokering contra-deals by co-ordinating the design of banners and placing them on relevant websites and buying in lists from suppliers. I am currently working as a Social Media Consultant for various brands helping them to create a presence on social media platforms; this means writing and developing the digital strategy using tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.


For any queries regarding advertising and sponsored posts please contact me at ondolady (at) gmail.com.


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